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Lady Tremaine beautiful prom dress    
Hi I receive the dress it's beautiful thank you.

Sent: Monday, December 12, 2016 7:25 PM

From: A. Demetro

It fits perfectly & it is beautiful!! Thank you so much!

Kristie N.

purple girls pageant dress The dress was gorgeous The dress was gorgeous orange pageant dress
Received the gown this am, oh my it is perfect! Thank you, thank you!   Good morning! I sent a pic through my phone, but wanted you to have some from a better camera. : ) The dress was gorgeous! We appreciate you very much!  
Runner Up Little Miss Kendall County Fair Runner Up Little Miss Kendall County Fair Runner Up Little Miss Kendall County Fair Runner Up Little Miss Kendall County Fair

Hi Alicia

Here are some of the pics of our daughter...she finished as Runner Up Little Miss Kendall County Fair! She had a blast and the dress was beautiful. She can run one more time so we will be in contact soon.



customers purple prom dress pictures customers purple prom dress pictures    

Hi Alicia!

Yes, thank you so very much for making the dress for me! It is absolutely beautiful and was so much fun to wear. I ended up taking it to my cousin who bustled the back for me as it was a tad long for a school formal (!), but it was so similar to the pictures and beautifully made!! It was so easy to order and you were so very helpful, and thank you a million times over for adding those cap sleeves!

Here are some pictures of the dress on me from a few different angles. :)

Thanks again so much!


happy grandma Miss Louisiana Lagniappe Junior Princess design your pageant dress Red white and blue pageant dress
I just want to personally thank you for your hard work and effort finding my dear granddaughter Ada Grace her first pageant gown.
I received the dress today. Waited for Ada get home from school to open box. She was so excited. Here is a pic right out of box. Again thank you so much. I will send pageant pic in June
I will send you a picture when she puts dress on. You will never know how much I appreciated your professionalism and kindness helping this Grandma

September 24, 2015
I never sent you pictures of the girls in their dresses. My oldest daughter Ailynn won queen in your dress this past weekend. The pageant I ordered the dresses for, they didn't place. She is Miss Louisiana Lagniappe Junior Princess. I have not gotten pictures of my youngest daughter in her purple sequined dress.



I was just dropping a line to let you know that we received the dress today and it is AMAZING!! You are awesome!! Thank you so much! My daughter is very happy and the dress is very pretty and well made.  I will definitely remember next year, and many years to come...prom, homecoming...etc.


Thanks again!! 

Marianina (Nina)

white and blue Quinceanera gown the dress was beautifu Tiny Miss North Texas little miss pageant alternate
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2014

Good evening!

My daughter dress just arrived, on time and in perfect condition. It is even more beautiful than what we imagined and we are so happy!!
Thank you so much, I will send pictures as soon as I can.
I will also write wonderful reviews in every site I find.
It is a relief to know that there are still professional and dependable services with high quality products like you just provided to us.
Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend!

Ana C

Here are a couple of photos of Emilie in her prom dress.  Thanks again for all you help the dress was beautiful and more than that it was exactly what she wanted!!  We look forward to working with you again.




Introducing Tiny Miss North Texas Khloe

Thank you again for the fabulous dress!



Thank you for the beautiful dress! It was gorgeous and received so many compliments! We will definitely be ordering for you again.

Holly M
National American Miss contestant

yellow prom dress


dazzling prom dress the dress is beautiful
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 1:27 PM

The dress was AWESOME!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! You have one very satisfied customer! Feel free to use me as a reference.

T Seymour

2077 in yellow

GORGEOUS!  Thanks again.  --Julie and Alexandra


Dear Alicia
RE: Noo's dress in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia

The dress arrived today ...and is amazing !!!! Ten times better than we
thought. Loved the colours -the serenest blue and the beautiful dazzling
complimentary greens: it is stunning. Loved all the fine stitching and
delicate lace and the intricate lacing up at the back. The skirt is
fantastic -exact length and I didn't realize you guys would send the hoop
underlay -it all fitted together perfectly.
Thank you hugely :) The dress opened up superbly out of the box -it was like
Christmas. I will send a photo when she gets all done up -this one is taken
in the late afternoon; it doesn't do it justice as you can't see all the
Thank you again.
Edwina M
i got it! u rock! the dress is beautiful! I have to alter a lil in
 the boobs! lol thank u so much!
Purple Princess prom dress gorgeous pageant dress mexican quinceanera dress red white



marine corps ball



hey i got my dress the other day and it is gorgeous:) i love it and it  fits
like a glove:) thank you so much

my boyfriend loved it on me and plus after prom when we were standing in line getting ready to get ice cream us and the group a lady stopped and asked me and my boyfriend how was your wedding? lol and as we were leaving I herd some ladies saying I love their gowns but I really love the
purple one she looks like a princess who just left the castle. just had complements on it the whole night and no other girl there had my dress:)
there where lace up but none where corset. another good thing was that i had perfect posture all night because i could not slouch even at dinner i wanted to but i couldn't because it did not allow me to. Anyways here are some pictures.
P.S If you ever need someone to model your new designs on the runway or just
need a photo shoot with them, please let me know and i will be more then happy
to fly down there and do it for you.

 Hi Alicia,

We received Meghan's dress today. It is gorgeous!! I can't tell you how pleased we are. The fit is perfect and the quality is outstanding. We'll  be sure to tell everyone to visit your site. I'll send pictures after the pageant next month. Thank you so much!
Hello Alicia, this is Amanda I recently received my red prom dress that you made and I wanted to thank you so much!!!! The dress is stunning and amazing! Thank you so much in helping me make my prom night so memorable :) I really appreciate it ! I received my dress, I am very impressed. I think it is absolutely beautiful and it fits like a glove, just wanted to say thank you for all your help and rushing the dress, I think it is great! I will definitely be ordering from here again! thanks

worn at the marine corps ball
Laura C


Teal Sweetheart ruched pickup prom dress with lace up back


    Here are some photo's of Angela in her prom dress.  We want to thank you again for everything that you did to help us find a very reasonably priced dress.  You do your job very well and your customer service is excellent!  Angela and I were very pleased with the finished product.   She had many compliments and has recommended your site to her friends.  Everything you did for us was very much appreciated.
      Thanks again,
             Mary and Angela


bright blue beaded dressbright blue beaded dress

Good morning!
Another successful prom in the books. We really thank you so much for the dress. She received so many compliments. She just loved it and said she could wear it for the next two proms if she has to because she loves it so much. It is so unique and so detailed. It fit her perfectly and it was comfortable.   
I know a lot of time went in on it and we really appreciate it. Thanks again!
Have a great day!
Darla E

silk with tulle overlay


The dress arrived today. It's wonderful!!  I will definitely be getting flower girl dresses later on. Thank you!!

 Holly from Australia


pumpkin spice prom gown Princess at the BallPrincess at the Ball


SD snow princess
comment  Apr 2013

 I received the dress and it fits perfect! Thank you so much for everything! :) you guys did a great job!


We would like to send a Huge Thank you!  The dress was a hit.  Karra loved it and so did everyone else.  The pictures I  am sending don't do it justice.  I am going to try and send a better one as soon as I can.  Thank you so much.  She was like the Princess at the Ball.

Angelia and Karra
 The dress to the crowning of the new Lil miss Aberdeen ...since she only wore it for the one small lil thing dad made her wear it again so I had to switch up the flower to make it a lil different so she would wear it otherwise she did not want to wear the same dress twice! it worked...i love this style of dress I wish it were longer and I think that's why she liked the first choice I asked u about. the first three were for the SD snow princess festival and since she one its time for new dresses! :) I have a ton on facebook I was trying to find a couple with more of the dress most of the good pictures of course don't have the full dress in them.



Little Miss America pageant

 Little Miss America.

absolutely PERFECT dressesGirls gold one shoulder sequined pageant dresses zebra corset lace up prom dress

Monday, February 27, 2012 10:11 AM.


Here is a picture from the Little Miss America pageant. Dress was great!!!!!

  It was perfect. She won her pageants. Two in one weekend in that dress. She won National Elite Miss National Overall Beauty and Little Miss America.

Customer comment

Fri, 21 Feb 2014

We got the dresses this morning!! They are absolutely PERFECT!!!! I am going to have to take the sides up a little but that's no problem because my mom and I sew. I always measure just a little big because I can always take them up if I have to and sometimes I don't trust my measuring! Here is a pic of them. Of course, they have just gotten out of school so I will send you better pics tomo! Your work is phenomenal! Thank you so very much for everything!!!


Hi there. Here's a few pictures from Sammy's prom. The dress and her were beautiful. Things went great. She's looking forward to next year already and is thinking of something stunning in red and black this time. See you next year.
sweet sixteen dress sweet sixteen dress sweet sixteen dress
Sweet sixteen dress order
Thu, 15 Nov 2012

Dear Alicia,
Thank you very much for the dress, I couldn't ask for better services from your company, the dress is amazing, I'm super happy. My daughter is going to have a great day, and part of that is because you and Jack Bridal. Look for my reviews and I will definitely will recommended your company to my friends
Once again Thank you very much

Rosa P
pink colonial birthday dress she won ms cinderella beauty International Junior Miss Princess

International Junior Miss Princess

Everyone loved the dress and said it was meant for a princess. Thank you so much!!!

We got it earlier than her birthday because we needed to show it to some people. Thanks for the quick delivery!

Date: May 4, 2011 at 3:03 PM

   Got Kylies dress it is stunning thank you so much!!






I just ordered the girls pink short dress.  Here is a photo of the last
dress you did that we really liked.




mexican quinceanera dress red white YOU WILL DEFINATELY BE MAKING HER MORE DRESSES pageant dress
Hello Alicia, this is Amanda I recently received my red prom dress that you made and I wanted to thank you so much!!!! The dress is stunning and amazing! Thank you so much in helping me make my prom night so memorable :) I really appreciate it !

Just got her dress yay it is stunning thank you so much!!!!! Way more beautiful
than i expected you are awesome!!!


She one Overall Grand Supreme top winner scored higher than all
contestants of every age your dress got nonstop compliments. YOU WILL
Thank you!!



Thank YOU - the dress is gorgeous and Michelle will be thrilled to know she'll be on your website!

green and blue pageant dress

Here are a couple of shots of Michelle with the dress on. The dress was
Thanks again, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



yellow prom dress

GORGEOUS!  Thanks again.  --Julie and Alexandra