Flower girl dresses made to match the brides wedding dress.
Each one personally selected to blend in style and color for the miniature bride.

Jak's custom creates your flower girl dress to match your own wedding gown.

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Off shoulder lace flower girl dress.  A toddler size 3 flower girl will be wearing this dress to match the bride.

I have the dress !! Thank you so much I absolutely love it the dress is perfect n looks identical to mine.

bride and matching flower girl dresses

We finally had our wedding and the baby’s dress was to die for!! She completely stole the show. Thank you so much for the beautiful dress. You made my wedding day extra special!!

Matching flower girl and wedding dress

Thank you my daughter dress came out perfect.


matching flower girl and wedding dress

I have attached the dress you made for my daughter. It was so beautiful thanks again and I will highly recommend you to anyone I can.

 elegant flower girl bride
Subject: Thank you

Hello Alicia
I just wanted to show you how beautiful my granddaughter looked in the gown that you made for us ... I did add some embellishments on the lace appliqués to glam it up some more ... lol thank you again
Nancy and Gigi.

wedding dress for baby girls

We got the dress and I am obsessed!!! Thank you so much. I promise I will send you pictures of her in it!

ruffled organza flower girl dress

Date: Saturday, 30 June 2018

Just wanted to share pictures with you of Brayli in her dress at Miss Kentucky. Thank you again for a fabulous job on it!!!

I would love for my daughter to have a matching flower girl dress. I have the Kimberly dress by Maggie Sottero.

I just wanted to say thank you again!! I loved her dress!!


I would love for my daughter to have a matching flower girl dress. I have the Kimberly dress by Maggie Sottero.
mother daughter wedding dresses

I have to take a moment to express such gratitude for your work! Ugh my heart is so full! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on my daughter's dress. We shared such a bond while planning the wedding and on the wedding day. I know it made her feel so special and loved to be just like her mommy. She truly looks up to me and admires me, the blessing of having a daughter. I know she felt so beautiful seeing me and knowing she was dressed just like me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am going to refer you to everyone.

Erica S


long sleeve flower girl dress

I tried the dress on my daughter and I love it! You did a great job replicating. Thank you so much!

lace flower girl dress with beaded sash

I just wanted to say thank you. We just got the dress today, and it's so much more beautiful than I could have imagined it to be! It looks exactly like mine! You did such an amazing job! I'll be sure to send you pictures of her in it, along with the both of us together. The color, everything is absolutely perfect! We are more than satisfied! I thought I would be able to show the dress to my fiance because it would be a little bit different from mine, but I won't let him see it now. It's literally a small version of mine! Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

Everything about it is absolutely PERFECT!! My dress is at the seamstress being altered so we were in able to take one together yet. But I will also send pictures from the wedding. Thanks again!!


mermaid toddler girl flower girl dress

Sorry for the lat response, just been busy trying to get the wedding going. I am very please with the dress, the dress was not the issue the color was. We decided to go with the dress color and not dye it. I do appreciate all your hard work, you did a fabulous job.

Thank you,

matching flower girl and bride dresses


Here's a picture of my daughter with the flower girl.


matching flower girl and bride dresses
flower girl dress reviews

Hi Alicia,

  These are some of the pictures we received of my niece at the wedding a few weeks ago.    I know I promised to send you some.  We were all so happy with the dress we chose from you, it was beautiful!

Danielle C


 Dress Received! Amazing Job!!
matching flower girl and bridal gowns

Dear Alicia,

I can't say enough about your service. The dress is amazing. I will email you the pictures of the dresses together and feel free to put them as a comparison on your site. The pics are on a mobile phone so I will send you better ones from the wedding to use if needed. I am so impressed, I actually may have you another client too. Any way thanks so much for your help with the order and it was definitely worth the wait.


M. LeBeouf
trumpet dress for your flower girls

I just want to say a BIG thank you for the amazing dress. It’s the exact same as mine and it’s perfect! I’m so happy!!!!!!!!

Thanks again and have a nice day,

Karissa G.

happy bride with matching flower girl dress

Before the wedding... ❤️ we love y'all! Jaks Bridal love our dress!

Words can't say enough how much Jaks Bridal did a fabulous job in making Fallon's flower girl dress! We loved it!


matching bride and flower girl dresses

I just thought I would share the pictures with you on how the dresses look together you just did an amazing job everyone was impressed thank you so much and the mini bride despite her face in the pic loves the dress she was just tired lol
amazing flower girl dress

Hi! We got the dress and AMAZING is an understatement!! Oh my goodness it is soooooo perfect!!! You r an angel!!!! Lol thank you!!!! I'll leave a really good review on ur website!!! You are awesome!!! We can't quit smiling !!! We r overwhelmed with happiness lol thank you!!!!!! I will definitely send u some business!!
R coppinger

1 year old flower girl dress with train

September 27, 2016

We received the dress and it is beautiful! May God bless your little company as y'all have blessed us.

red and white flower girl dresses with trains

Thank you so much for the gowns they were gorgeous everyone loved them of course they wanted to know were we got them from so we recommended you guys to everyone thank you thank you thank you loved them


stunning flower girl dress

This is here! And it is absolutely stunning!




Blush lace miniature wedding dress

Hello Alicia,

The dress fit my mini bride perfectly, although i was skeptical about the top of the dress, it became one of my favs. She was stunning, and it was everything i wanted it to be. i will post photos. I did advertise Jaks in my review on my social media. Thanks again.



Blush lace miniature wedding dress
mermaid flower girl dress I just wanted to thank you all for providing my daughter's dress for my wedding. Everything was perfect! Not only did her dress match mines but it arrived on time and few days before it was scheduled to delivered! You were a part of my dream wedding becoming reality.
wedding party
happy bride happy bride happy bride
I never thanked you guys for making such a beautiful flower girl dress to match my wedding gown for me! Thank you! happy bride  
lace flower girl dress with train white and royal blue flower girl dresses emotional bride

Good Afternoon Alicia,

I received the girl's dresses and they are absolutely beautiful!! Just perfect!! I can't wait to have them try the dresses on.

Can you please send me you website again? I have a friend getting married and I wanted to send it to her, as well. I thought I had it bookmarked, but I can't find it.

Just wanted to let you know that I received our dresses and they are perfect. Could not be more pleased with them. You did a wonderful job. Thank you so much!!!!!! We can't wait to wear them.


To: Alicia
Subject: Re: Miniature bride dress

I will send you pics for your website or fb when we have the wedding - the dress looks AMAZING it was a surprise for the bride and she is shocked with emotions that you guys did such an amazing job... thank you SO much!!
bride and flower girl photos bride and flower girl photos bride and flower girl photos
January 21, 2016

Oh my goodness it was absolutely gorgeous and fit perfect!!!!! I loved it!!!! Thank you all so much again!!!
From: Brittany

Lace long sleeve flower girl dresses Princess wedding gowns for your 2 year old flower girl happy bride
October 6, 2015

Oh my goodness. I am in love with the dresses! Thank you so much for doing such a great job!!!

Brooke H

First I want to tell you thank you for the dress!!! I am so excited that I have made her try it on twice. I would post a pic but I can't until after the wedding. I was meaning to send you a picture. Sorry I have been busy. Thank you so much for the beautiful dress we have spoke very highly of your work!
bride and flower girl photos bride and flower girl photos bride and flower girl photos

I am so excited to share these pictures with you!  The dresses all turned out amazing!!  Thank you so much!!



mother daughter matching dresses mother daughter matching dresses long sleeve flower girl dress
Thank you very much for making my daughter dress as beautiful as mine. It was exactly what I was hoping it would be. We just love the dress, it is such a head turner!!


Girls ball gown flower girl dress flower girl dress with train child size 3 lace flower girl dress with train
Thank you, thank you, thank you, times a million. Not only is the dress perfect, and just beautiful...but it is exactly what I imagined but better.
You did an amazing job!!! I can't thank you enough. I love it!!!!
From: Brenda
I wanted to reach out and say thank you SO much for your hard work with the dress. I love it it's absolutely beautiful ! I plan to leave a review on the site if there's a section for that! I will send pictures of her in the dress if you would like on the day!

Amazing work! Thank you!

 Lexis S
It came in today and it is gorgeous and perfect! Fits her like a glove! Thank you so much. Y'all did a fantastic job on it! Wish I got the flower girl dress from y'all too.

mother daughter bridal dresses mother daughter bridal dresses mother daughter bridal dresses


    I just wanted to thank you guys once again for making an amazing mini bride dress for my daughter. Sorry for sending an email super late but i just wanted to send some photos to show how gorgeous it really was. Thanks again! I really appreciate it. You guys are amazing!!


Ivory Flower girl dress with coral corset back mermaid lace flower girl dress I love my mermaid flower girl dress
I received my daughter's dress. And it's gorgeous, you did an amazing job. Thank you so very much.


The dress arrived yesterday and all I can say is it is absolutely beautiful. I sew myself so I have a great deal of appreciation of the work that went into making this gown. The quality is unbelievable. Nothing we would have found in a retail store or from China. :-)
Thank you again for such beautiful work, and I will be sure to leave you some great feedback on your site.

OMG I got the dress and it is absolutely adorable....Im so in love you did a wonderful job...I luv it thanks a bunch!!!

Lace trumpet flower girl dress with train infant flower girl with train mother daughter bridal dresses
Oh my goodness!!! I received the dress today! and I can't stop smiling! It's beautiful and I'm so impressed with your work!! Thank you thank you thank you!! It fits her well and she doesn't want to take it off! I'll be sure to send pictures after my wedding day. Thank you again so much!

I just picked up the dress from the post office today. It's absolutely perfect! Thank you so much!


Alicia! I got the dress yesterday it is gorgeous!!!!!

bride matching flower girl dresses

 Subject: Perfect Dress

The miniature bride dress was a perfect success! Thank you for your work on this!



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