Child Pageant dresses - Child sizes 6 months to 16.
Our Custom dresses are made to order making them truly extraordinary.
Our USA dresses are available in sizes and colors shown.

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Custom Designs add so much, for such a small price.   Beat the competition.  Contact us to discuss your needs and ideas.
These gowns are not brand name designer dresses. We custom manufacture design inspired gowns which closely resemble the photographs but include signature design elements unique to us. The images shown are reference photographs to illustrate the basic design and cut of the gown. We only use high quality fabrics and all our embroidery and beading is hand done. Each gown is uniquely made for every client and no two are exactly alike. Each dress is similar but not exact to the original. Designer Style without the Price Tag. Our interpretation of this designer is so close to it's Original that you can barely tell the difference and no one else can either. The fabric will not be exactly the same as original especially if it is some type of exclusive fabric. Do not worry we promise to find something similar. We use high Quality fabric. If you want a specific fabric we can get it, per your request, for extra fees


When ordering from our custom line, keep in mind that from time to time some Tailor variations will occur.

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miniature bride dresses Emulates Disney Cinderella Lady Tremaine Doll for a Christmas play
We have created over 550 miniature dresses created to match bridal gowns.  Check out our Customer reviews, and styles to create a Pageant gown in your style.

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Can't find the exact dress that you want! 

Send us a clear photo...we can make it. 

Your dress will resemble the designer look, at budget friendly prices.


Phone: 1-605-766-5257

Email:  Jaks

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