Christening gowns with pick up skirt dress for your Christian baptism.



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White satin gown enhanced with appliqués and pearls.  Short puffy sleeves.  Dress with Ruched, Skirt and Rosettes Christening Gowns, Christening Dresses, Christening Outfits, Communion Dresses, Heirloom Christening, baby girl christening dress, baby girls christening gowns, girls christening dresses, Baptism Gown, Baptism Outfit, Baptism Dress, Baptism Apparel

christening dress

Full View Bonnet

christening gowns with long pick up skirt

Full length white christening dress with pick up skirt

christening gowns and bonnet

This embroidered pick up style dress comes complete with a bonnet.

Christening gowns embroidery applique on neckline  

applique on hemline


Close up detail of floral accented Bodice with short sleeves Embroidery appliqué on hemline
hem trim  
hem trim  
Baptism Gown

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christening gown with pick up skirt

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